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Partial Hospitalization

south-bldg-photo-2The Partial Hospitalization Program is a weekday program offered Monday through Friday. School-age children and adolescents are treated separately in this program.

This comprehensive service offers intensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for many different mental health disorders. The philosophy of the program is to provide structured treatment in a less restrictive environment. Children who have participated in the program have a decreased rate of dropout from treatment, and increased success in acclimation to the home and school environments. The primary focus of the program is behavioral health treatment. However, daily tutorial sessions are conducted by a certified teacher to give students an opportunity to work on assignments brought from school and to receive assistance with subject matter that needs remedial effort.

Program activities include:

  • mental health groups and individual therapy,
  • self-esteem building and team work activities,
  • teaching problem solving and coping strategies, and
  • medication education group.

The treatment team meets weekly to review the patient’s progress and to continue the aftercare planning. The program psychiatrist supervises treatment, including providing medication management when indicated. As always, we coordinate the treatment process with the family and community professionals involved to ensure optimum service delivery.

The Partial Hospitalization Program is utilized when problems are difficult to manage in a routine counseling session, or as a transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment. Using this program as a means of reintegrating the child back into the home and school environments has proven to be an effective tool to improve outcomes and minimize the need for future hospitalizations.

Outpatient Services

In response to community need, Belmont Pines Hospital offers outpatient therapy and medication management to support children in meeting their behavioral health goals.  Our outpatient clinic is staffed by psychiatrists, licensed therapists and clinical counselors eager to assist families in need of this service.

Extended hours provide busy families with options that enable them to maintain appointments despite the many demands of work, school and home.